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Mirc queue

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21 Aug When you use the /msg syntax mirc informs you every so often of your queue position, but when using the /ctcp syntax, I have discovered, you. 18 Apr Is there, or what is the command to queue up files, I have a pack downloading, and Ill type in the get file # and it says you already have a. 20 Mar Most of the time your requested file will not be put into queue if you do. In mIRC , Click on File/Options/Sounds/Requests and UNCHECK the.

Ok, I'll admit that I am a newbie when it comes to things IRC. But I would like to Why would it not download even though I was on the queue?. 11 Aug In the channel #bookz of IRC Undernet, you might want to know the current status of those queues after you have put your desires file in. What is the best software to download from IRC networks? (I use mIRC but there is no option to queue downloads (one file at a time)).

Forum discussion: Ok so when I use MIRC, im downloading multiple anyway to find out if I have any files queued in a particular channel, beca. 6 I can't seem to download with mIRC; 7 mIRC XDCC Scripts; 8 XDCC xdcc list ) Sends:(1/1) Queues:(33/) Record:(KB/s) Note:(Brought To You By. The play central dialog lists all of the currently queued play requests, and allows you to maintain the queue. Files are played in the order in which they are. Most new users of mIRC and IRC channels or undernet or dalnet or whatever, .. in queue' message, although usually you will see something within seconds. 4 Jul How do I queue commands in mIRC, I find that I get lagged because my script tried to kick cloners when they join in dozens at a time. Is there a.

16 Dec Part 1: How To Configure mIRC For XDCC Downloading Part 2: . If the IRC / XDCC bot has no free slots, it might add you to a queue; look for. However, the IRC channel we want to join requires registration with the server, important one is the queue - the lower the number the better, but if the queue is. 13 Jun Is there a way to check your queue status in IRC? When I get placed on a queue list, I have no idea how long it will take for the file to start. This is a simple bot for handling queues in twitch chat. Subs have priority over The bot depends on one Python dependency, namely the library called irc.


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